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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Wynn Development Open Forum

On Wednesday, April 3rd Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. and the City of Everett held the 2nd successful open forum to discuss the recent interest expressed by Wynn Resorts for a possible development at the former Monsanto site on Route 99, along Lower Broadway.

Mayor DeMaria and over 250 residents came together in an effort to stimulate community dialogue regarding the possible redevelopment. The Mayor was joined by, David Rodrigues, Assistant City Solicitor, and James Errickson, Director of Planning and Development, to explain the proposal offer by Wynn Resorts, which includes the redesign and reconstruction of the Monsanto Site for a highly structured resort casino.

The Mayor spoke to residents about the possible development’s precise location, the number of acres, and accessibility to the waterfront - which then could provide easier access to Boston and limit the amount of traffic. He referred to and displayed the recently unveiled rendering of the landscape and hotel tower designed by Wynn, and referenced how it would fit in with the City’s desire to revitalize Lower Broadway, as indicated in the Lower Broadway Master Plan. The Mayor also commented that the development could present the City with resources and funds to help develop the City into the vision that residents have shared and presented for the future of Everett.

Assistant Solicitor Rodrigues updated residents on the current negotiations for the Host Community Agreement, as well as the timeline for the final agreement and City referendum. He also introduced the new Envision Everett website that was created to continue to update residents on the progress of the project, as well as create another channel of communication between the residents and the City.

Director of Planning, James Errickson outlined the current status of the City’s Municipal Harbor Plan, which is currently being formulated to offer the City more control over development and use of the City’s waterfront areas.

“These meetings are an essential part of the process when dealing with such a major possible development”, stated Mayor DeMaria. “The Lower Broadway waterfront site is prime for a large-scale redevelopment, and the possibility of Wynn Resorts coming to our City is something we must all discuss at great length and in great detail. I appreciate the residents who took their time to attend the meeting and express their thoughts. I hope our community continues to participate at such a level throughout the remainder of the process.”

Residents were then encouraged by the Mayor to take part in a candid conversation, in which they could express their thoughts, ideas, and impressions. The different reactions to the development provided the forum with effective communication, since attendees presented the cases for both sides. Some residents expressed the positive aspects of the development; such as an increase in jobs, lower taxes, and a boom for businesses throughout the City. While other residents expressed concerns regarding items such traffic, and the possibility of increased prostitution and crime.

The Mayor closed the meeting by informing residents that more community meetings were to come, and that the City recognizes that the most important aspect of the process is the feedback from the residents. For the most up to date information visit

Mayor Carlo DeMaria answers question from the community

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