Host Agreement Summary

Host Community Agreement Summary

The Host Agreement memorializes Wynn’s economic and social commitments to the City of Everett, as well as the City’s obligations to Wynn. Details include:

Wynn’s Payments to Everett

  • $30 million in advance payments for a Community Enhancement Fund payable during the construction period
  • $25,250,000 annually directly to the City of Everett beginning at Resort opening as follows:
    • $20 million for real estate taxes
    • $5 million Community Impact Fee
    • $250,000 contribution to Everett Citizens Foundation, which will support local groups
    • These payments all increase 2.5% per year
  • $50,000 annual payment to purchase vouchers/gift certificates from Everett businesses to be distributed by Wynn as part of its rewards/frequent guest/loyalty or similar programs
  • An estimated $2.5 million per year in hotel and restaurant taxes paid by Wynn customers
  • Payment for costs incurred by the City for items necessitated by the Project, including determining impacts; holding an election; assessing zoning and permitting; upgrading electric, gas and water/sewer infrastructure; review and inspection of permit and license applications, construction and utility plants

Wynn’s Commitments to Everett

  • Investment of more than $1 billion in the development of the Resort
  • Full opening at one time; no phased construction
  • Mitigation of transportation infrastructure impacts
  • Hiring preference to Everett citizens for over 8,000 construction and permanent jobs
  • Good faith effort to use Everett contractors and suppliers
  • Completion of multi-million dollar remediation of existing environmental contamination
  • Public access to the Resort’s waterfront consistent with the City’s developing municipal harbor plan and the City’s Lower Broadway Master Plan
  • Support for local artists and art programs
    • Everett’s Commitments to Wynn

      • Support of the Project and assistance in obtaining permits, certifications, legislation and regulatory approvals
      • Petition the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for available funds
      • Pursue development and approval of a Municipal Harbor Plan
      • Work to amend zoning and other land use regulations
      • Schedule an election

This is a summary. Please refer to the formal agreement for all terms and conditions. This summary has been approved pursuant to M.G.L c.23K §15(13) by Colleen Mejia, Esq., City Solicitor, City of Everett.

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