The Process


The Greater Boston Area

The law gives the Gaming Commission the power to permit up to three full resort casinos, one each in the Greater Boston area, southeastern Massachusetts, and western Massachusetts.  The law also permits licensing of a single slots facility, not pegged to any particular region. Everett is part of the Greater Boston Area, or Region A, which includes Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester counties. Wynn Development intends to apply for the resort license for this geographic zone.


The Impact on Everett

Currently, Wynn Development is working with local officials in Everett to negotiate and agree upon the terms of a site - specific proposal, or Host Community Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This agreement takes into consideration and mitigates the impact that such a development would have on the City. Mitigation would include Wynn’s effort to reduce potential negative impacts on the community associated with the project. A typical mitigation package might include measures to address increased demand on the transportation system; public safety impacts, including the need for new safety equipment or training; and other measures related to the potential impacts on operation of local government and the quality of life in Everett.


A Referendum

Once the Host Community MOU is negotiated, the development proposal, including the MOU, must be approved by a referendum of Everett residents via a city-wide ballot question. A development will not considered by the Gaming Commission without city-wide Everett approval.

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